Jason Angst

Jason Angst is a tattoo artist and painter currently working in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

“Art is all I’ve wanted and all I’ve known for a long time. From drawing covers for punk rock 45s when I was fifteen to the first time I picked up a tattoo machine when I was 18 many years ago, this journey has been eye opening. Now tattoo is my everything, and it has pushed me into the visual arts world. From Oil, watercolor, graphite, and charcoal to photo arrangements and even performance art: I’ve taken on all of it to push my tattooing further than I ever thought possible.

This is what I want. This is what I was made for. Skin, a canvas. My eyes and hands are yours if you will have them.”

Book This Artist

Thank you so very much for your interest in working with me.

In the wake of the crisis, of course, everything changed. Artisan is now my private studio, and shall remain so until this madness passes.

Submit your project ideas by emailing jason.angst.tattoo@gmail.com and addressing the auto response that will come your way.

As you can imagine, my schedule has been thrown a bit off kilter, however I am still interested in hearing about your project. Although please be patient with me, as times like this are difficult for me. Thank you.

Pricing, Scheduling, and Deposits

Hi there. As far as pricing goes, I charge $150/hour of time spent tattooing. If the project requires designing/drawing (essentially anything other than a portrait), there will be a $300 non refundable deposit required before any designing/drawing takes place. This amount is scalable to the project size, although applies in most cases. I find that a typical sleeve design will take me between 10 and 20 hours for something intricate. Therefore providing me anywhere from $30 to $15 an hour for design, which I find reasonable and hope that you do as well.

Here are some ideas of total tattooing time for larger projects:

Black and Grey Projects

Dense, three passes on all important focal points

– 8.5/11 sheet of paper (rib panel or smaller thigh piece), 8-12 hours.

– Sleeve, 30-45 hours depending on size and intricacy .

– Back; 30-45 hours depending on size and intricacy.

– Leg; 45-60 hours depending on size and intricacy.

– Chest; larger frame, 16-20 hours, smaller frame 10-14 hours.

– 4 x 8 portrait 6-8 hours

Color Projects

Three passes, all of it

– 8.5×11 sheet of paper (rib panel or smaller thigh piece), 16-20 hours.

– Sleeve; 40-60 hours depending on size and intricacy.

– Back, 40-60 hours depending on size and intricacy.

– Leg, 60-85 hours depending on size and intricacy.

– Chest, larger frame 24-32 hours, smaller frame 16-22 hours depending on placement and size.

– 4 x 8 portrait 8-10 hours