Artisan cafe has new coffee!!

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Welcoming the new Mahlkonig’s coffee grinder to Artisan cafe. The EK43 boasts unmatched particle distribution that is, consistency in grind size. This means fewer fines, improved cup clarity, and the opportunity for higher extraction yields without bitterness. It has made our coffee go from beans to bits at a rate of 21-25 grams-per-second, or 2.8-3.4 pounds-per-minute. Also if you enjoy cold brew but not the caffeine, We now have decaf cold brew to help you stay cold off and feeling fresh. As you know we are all about having unique coffee beans, so we are introducing Hunkute Ethopian (lemonade and honey) and Agua Dolce Guatemalan(tropical and deep berries). Come down and try our new coffee beans, there’s a coffee that fits everyone’s taste buds! We also carry baked goods everything is vegan by onion maiden. happy coffee day everyone!

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