New works by Megan Merz

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My favorite indulgences are wildlife art and divination. Thankfully,
I’ve been provided the opportunity to display both this month!  Wild
creatures and occult tools both speak to humans from a place just
beyond our grasp.  We can try to tame both, but we’re still left at
the mercy of forces that always linger beyond our control.  We can
live harmoniously with wild creatures, giving them their space,
connecting if given the opportunity.  It might be a glance on a hike,
or an encounter just outside our door when we least expect it.  When
we try to divine our future and surroundings, we can’t bend the
universe to our will. We must work within its bounds and be thankful
for the experiences we can glean.

I have tried to capture both of these concepts in paint and ink.  I
use expressive, bold lines and strokes in paint.  Many times, I’m just
painting shapes and layering smaller shapes on top.  Eventually, an
animal appears! With ink, I’m attempting to express the concepts with
a limited amount of detail.  With both, I want the eye and imagination
to fill in the gaps.

The show will also feature a Kickstarter for my Oracle Deck, so come
prepared if you’d like to help me get it published!

This show is a culmination of my love for wild things.  These pieces
are what I create when I have the time to make things that I want to
make rather than those things I must make for work.  I have two series
on display, a collection of acrylics featuring North American
wildlife, and the original ink artwork for my Oracle deck.  Two
distinct styles and mediums with the wilderness as its inspiration.
date:May 5th
place:Artisan 5001 penn ave Pittsburgh,PA 15224

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