Pittsburgh Bleed Black and Gold Tattoo Expo!

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Artisan will be attending this years Pittsburgh Bleed Black and Gold Tattoo Expo!!!

Join us to explore the expo, and get tattooed by your favorite artists!

Resident artists Jason Angst, Kati Zmenkowski-Little, Matt McKelvey, Rita Perez and Kris Maron will be tattooing, hanging out and selling exclusive merch at the Artisan booth. This is an exclusive chance to come out and see Artisan Pittsburgh at a local convention, so don’t miss out!

Clients are encouraged to place their new works by each artist into the available contests at the expo! This is a great chance to show off your new art, and support your artist!

Competitions categories include:

Sleeve, Male & Female
Back Piece, Male & Female
Overall, Male & Female
Color Portait
Black & Gray Portrait
Black & Gray Large
Black & Gray Small

Get the full scoop at Pittsburgh Bleed Black and Gold Tattoo Expo¬†and don’t forget to contact Artisan with questions or inquires about artist availability during this exciting event!



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