For Real Surreal Club Candles on sale!

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For Real Surreal Club is movingĀ  to the Pacific Northwest!

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 3.45.31 PM


We are sad to see them go but excited for their new life on the left coast!


Black Cedar Obelisk Crystal Candle


To celebrate their transition we are having a sale on crystal candles. Marked down from $13.00 to $11.00!


Purple Pyramid Lavender Candle


Perfect for those late night invocations, yoga meditations, or to set an esoteric ambiance, For Real Surreal Club has produced a dazzling spectrum of candles.


Peppermint selenite crystal candle

Cast from molds produced from genuine crystals such as selenite and quartz and gently scented with quality essential oils, these are an excellent embellishment to any space.

They may be found at the Artisan Boutique.

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