Step into the Surreal Clubhouse

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Artisan Boutique is home to a mysterious phenomenon from another dimension: Candles simultaneously real and surreal which invigorate the senses with transformative energies.


 Aurora Falls Candle, naturally colored and infused with peppermint essential oil

For Real Surreal Club was founded by Masha Fikhman and Michael Koehler. Together they specialize in astral archeology. Ever on the search for elusive relics and mysterious fossils, they travel far and wide across the multiverse on their mystic quest.


Black Magic Mountain Candle, naturally colored and infused with Cedarwood essential oil

Through these relics they hope to give others a glimpse into the eye of the cosmos and its myriad manifestations. Join us on a dreamlike expedition into the unknown, the strange, and the surreal.


 Full Moon Lagoon candle, naturally whitened and infused with Lemongrass essential oil

All of the candles are made of pure beeswax and fragrant essential oils. Bees are sacred creatures of the sun, who produce incorruptible honey, the food of the gods. Honey is used for many things including the making of mead, the sacrament of elder deities. Beeswax also contains these mystic properties, and is considered a most pure substance for the creation of candles for this reason. Essential oils are often used for their healing, therapeutic effects as well as for their applications in spellcraft of witches.


 Lava Labyrinth candle, naturally reddened and infused with Geranium essential oil

These candles are cast from molds created from genuine crystals, and come in a rainbow spectrum, perfect for late night magical rites. Artisan Gallery has a variety of them available for perusal while you imbibe the deep dark forces of gourmet coffee.tumblr_o18337SaoO1uqg7cuo1_1280







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