1. Annual Murder Summon Group Show

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    We are happy to announce that we have chosen a group of amazing artists for this years Murder Summon local artists group show! Thank you to all of the artists that have submitted their work.

  2. Best of Pittsburgh Voting is Live!

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    We are happy to announce that Artisan has been nominated (again!) for best tattoo shop in Pittsburgh! We strive to achieve the best environment, art, and work that we can; so being nominated is a wonderful, and well earned feeling. We are very grateful for all of those who voted during the nomination process, and without you this wouldn’t be possible!

    It would mean so much to us, if you have the time, to vote for Artisan as the best tattoo shop with the Pittsburgh City Paper. Below, you can click the image, and you will be taken to the voting page. It is tremendously appreciated and we love having all of you as participants at Artisan! Leave us a comment here to show some love!

    Voting will be live until Sunday, June 17th, 2018.

    Again, thank you!!

  3. Butterflies, Dragonflies & Toadstools

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    This month for Unblurred on Penn Avenue Artisan presents the work of Katie Casey.

    Katie has successfully marketed her art and classes many times.


      Currently she has a Kickstarter to fund her latest project, a gorgeously intricate coloring book.


    Her aim is to find all the things that people complain about in art – and fix it or don’t do it.Her approach is to find the things that people are asking for – and try to incorporate them. Finally,she adds a liberal dash of her own personality and recognizable style.

    Very much like writing a song that others start to sing, she finds incredible happiness in drawing books that other people can use to creatively inspire themselves.



    Butterflies, Dragonflies & Toadstools will be part of a series called “For Frames Not Fridges.” Her goal is to create intricate pieces for people to color and then frame if they wish. No more spending hours coloring just to dangle it on the fridge door, or stick it in a drawer!




    A successful Kickstarter will fund the initial printing of books and shipping them out into peoples’ hands.

    The current vision for Butterflies, Dragonflies & Toadstools is 30 colorable images. Twenty-seven are already drawn and digitized.


    One of the things that is truly unique about Butterflies, Dragonflies & Toadstools is that there will be supporting videos for tutorials to add additional pen work before you color. Do you want polka-dots on that mushroom? Want to add some vines to a border? Is that broad blank background not ideal for you? Soon a YouTube channel will be available for step-by-step instructions on how to pick up a black pen and make a coloring page even more uniquely yours.

    Butterflies, Dragonflies, and Toadstools

    The first in the coloring for connoisseurs series For Frames Not Fridges. This book is designed around what experienced colorists expect – crisp lines, high-quality paper, and one-sided printing. The book is spiral bound, so it opens fully flat. No more fighting to color in the crack! And the size of this thing…WOW… a full 11”x15”. You will find 30 hand-drawn pages with beautiful images. Once you have added your personal touch, they are the right size to go into a frame instead of a junk drawer.


    These gorgeous prints will keep you entertained for hours.

    Come down to Artisan Cafe, grab a gourmet coffee, and enter into a coloring trance to explore a magical wonderland.

    Butterflies, Dragonflies and Toadstools Kickstarter


  4. ART (isan)

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    Artisan Boutique proudly carries limited edition prints from our resident artists.  We also carry artwork from those artists who display work on first fridays, when we have a monthly art opening concurrent with Unblurred, Garfield’s gallery crawl.

    Here is a selection of some of what we show in the Gallery.


    Barnsey Totem  Art Prints: Forest Spirits. Barnsey’s work manifests the inner spirit of totemic entities, married with geometric patterns alluding to  mystical forms.



    The Butterfly Effect lasercut art by Naked Geometry:  A collaboration with Dream Horse Arts, this fractal tiling of Pentagons reveals a gap that perfectly fits a butterfly. The butterfly effect is the concept that small causes can have large effects.



    Seen and Touched Photography by Doug Doerring: a surrealist image of a visionary who sees through their hands.



    Artisan Savior art print: A regal Valkyrie Witch-Queen raises aloft a cup of ambrosia whilst grasping a bouquet of flowers. This is a limited edition print of only 49 exclusive to Artisan, hand printed by Adrienne Rozzi.



    LO4, A painting By Scott Kowalski: Erotic contemplation in yellow.


    Bailar Con La Muerte by Sara Eve Rivera : A Dance of the Dead shadowbox in ink and watercolor by artist Sara Eve, combining the classic motif of “death and the maiden” with a vivid  day of the dead theme.



    Erotic Photography by Sita Mae: Sita Mae is an internationally exhibited portrait photographer. This is from an erotic series where she used an Iphone with filters as her primary camera. The model in this photograph is Freshie Juice.  

    All of the works here can be directly experienced by a visit to Artisan, open Tuesday through Saturday. They can also be found on our online boutique:



  5. Barnsey just created these inspiring prints!

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    Barnsey’s work manifests the inner spirit of totemic beings, married with geometric patterns alluding to the mystical forms which often arise in the process of contemplation. There is a refined sensitivity present in his artwork which seems to suggest an influence from beyond the mundane. Josh makes a practice of aligning himself with positive forces which rise through his hand into elegant imagery which channel pure forces of nature.

    Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 6.34.01 PM

    Among indigenous peoples worldwide, a naturalistic system of spirituality is often found.  Animism is rooted in the belief that non-human entities possess a inner spiritual essence. This essence is often seen as present and revealed in the forms of animals, plants, stones and everything else in nature, including the weather.
    For example, among the Algonquins of North America, Manitou is the name for the spiritual life force which manifests throughout all things. It is omnipresent and immanent. There are plant manitous, lake and stone manitous, – even a great manitou; the Geechee Manitou, representing the Supreme Being.  Among the Shinto path of the Japanese, the Kami are spirits of nature which are present within wind, thunder, the sun, rocks and certain animals. Some Kami are also ancestral spirits, whose bodies rest within the land, dreaming.
    Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 5.58.11 PM
    In this worldview, matter and spirit are one, rather than being distinct and separate from each other. Animals and plants are people, and when the intelligences of nature manifest shamanically in a visionary state they sometimes emerge in forms which integrate multiple plant and animal attributes. This is to represent the unity of nature and the interdependent relationships between beings in an ecosystem.
    Barnsey hails from the northwest coast of America, where things are incredibly lush, and nature is everywhere. His art reflects a deep, intuitive understanding of the innate beauty of sacred nature.
  6. Nov 7th First Friday: Unblurred

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    Simeon Larivonovoff: Russian Orthodox “Old Believers” Icon Painter

    Simeon comes from a very long line of icon painters. The tradition has been handed down over the years from father to son, without a break since 1392. He has kept up this tradition his entire life, painstakingly adhering to the old ways and rituals. Sadly the tradition stops at him. He is the last as he has no children, and it’s a dying art form.

    Simeon lived in Vyg Russia until the age of 23 after which he traveled the United States and Europe, painting icons and then finally settling in Pittsburgh in 1989. Currently he has around 5000 icons in homes and churches all across the world.

    Simeon comes from a group that broke off from the Russian Orthodox church called the “Old Believers” that are similar to the Amish. He keeps up their traditions with his art and in life. From the way he paints to still lighting the way through his Polish Hill home with kerosene.The ceremonies and rituals to produce an icon are demanding and require strict discipline.

    He makes all of his own pigments and brushes. He paints in an egg tempura style and all of the gold in his work is real, 24 karat gold. He fasts until each painting is complete. First he takes a bath, then puts on clean clothes, lights a candle and recites a prayer. He lays out 9 prayer ladders and sings a prayer between each color on each ladder. There are 8 tones to be sung between colors and a final tone is sung with the last prayer ladder for his own sins. The icon is then varnished with linseed oil, amber and frankincense. After it is completed there is a 2 1/2 hour service called a “molben” that consecrates the icon and makes it a holy object.

    In Simeon’s words: “An icon is a prayer in color. An iconographer keeps the history going of the orthodox faith. An iconographer a record keeper.”

    Simeon’s Icons will be hung in the Artisan Gallery for month of November. Opening night will be November 7th from 6pm-10pm. We will have cuisine by food artist Jon Beck and drinks from Red Star Kombucha. Park a block behind us on dearborn st to avoid construction, this is one you won’t want to miss.