1. Cyberoptix

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    Cyberoptix Tie Lab was started in 2006 by Bethany Shorb after noticing a void in creative yet sophisticated neckwear.
    Located on the second floor of an old furniture factory in downtown Detroit, Michigan, the TieLab is a 100% solvent-free shop. In the garment industry, screen printing is notoriously environmentally unfriendly. Committed to being as environmentally responsible as possible in all processes and holding responsible design practices are among their highest priorities.


     Everything is made in house; including all of the artwork and designs, sourcing fabrics, laser cutting, making silkscreens, custom-mixing every printing ink color, and more.  Each and every tie is hand sewn. They carefully choose threads and agonize over weave textures and measurements, resulting in beautiful bespoke ties for discerning tastes.
    The ties feature themes that are created from historic military documents, medical ephemera, Victorian  animal drawings and architectural renderings. Their sources of inspiration come from dusty museum cabinets of curiosities, junk shops and estate sales  which are then re-drawn in tie shape.
    Anatomical Brain Brainstorming Necktie


    Pattern-based necktie designs are a particular specialty of Cyberoptix. Ornamentation that looks like a traditional necktie motif but has a little something extra hidden within the pattern ever delights designers and is also fun for you, the tie wearer!
    Op Art Geometric Print necktie


    Artisan Boutique carries both Silk and Microfiber ties. Microfiber is an extraordinarily fine-weave, washable synthetic silk. It is very similar to the soft cloth optometrists provide for you to clean your glasses with . “Micro”  describes the size of the fiber in the fabric. Many people who choose not to consume animal products for ethical and religious reasons wear nothing derived from living things – and that includes silk and wool.


    Black Widow Spider Necktie



  2. Tatiana’s Threads

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    Artisan Boutique is elated to have another installment of gorgeous lingerie from Tatiana’s threads on our shelves. From a small workshop in San Diego all the way to the Steel City comes a touch of eros to brighten our days


    Tatiana was born and raised in Novosibirsk, Russia in a family of scientists. Unlike her parents and siblings, she was drawn to the arts since early childhood. As she grew, she studied music, theater and dance. Her interest in fashion began as she watched her mother design and sew clothes for her family with a personal, creative touch.
    She started making lingerie out of curiosity and a desire to make beautiful little things for women. Now her pastime has become her passion, a full time job which allows her to support herself and her adorable 4 month old daughter.
    After graduating from Novosibirsk State University, Tatiana moved to San Diego to continue her education. Enthusiastic about her studies, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design. In 2012, Tatiana’s Threads was launched. A clothing line of lingerie and lingerie inspired apparel, Tatiana works with delicate materials to create elegant garments for women to celebrate their beauty in.
    She loves to combine textures and patterns and experiments regularly with shapes and silhouettes.
    Her lingerie is feminine and aesthetically pleasing, with great attention to detail and a gentle breath of european refinement.
     “I care a lot about women. Being one myself, I know how important it is to light our lives with little trifles for ourselves which make our lives a little happier every day.”
    Tatiana’s pieces are truly elegant and very comfortable as well, in a timeless style with nods to vintage sensibilities.
    Her skillfully made underthings have proven to be very popular at the boutique! We can barely keep them on the shelves. We are proud to have her delightful creations on hand for women in sizes ranging from prettily petite to deliciously voluptuous.
    Please do feel free to come to Artisan Boutique at your leisure to peruse these sensuous offerings. We look forward to seeing you soon.