The Three Rivers Siva Yoga Meditation

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Our regular monthly meeting for November, 2016!



The Three Rivers Siva Yoga Meditation Satsang is a free and open opportunity to come together in meditation. We focus on a simple method of meditation based in the Natha tradition, incorporating several approaches turning on the axis of mantra. Each session includes a full period of meditation, with verbal guidance given for each step, as well as a brief pre-meditation talk on a relevant topic and a post-meditation Q&A for clarification of any obscure points or practical concerns.

The technique is presented so that it can be easily digested and incorporated into daily life. Group meditation is a healthy support and aid, but it is not substitute for inner work undertaken at home and throughout the day. We go step-by-step every time so that each session is accessible for first-timers as well as serving as a structured refresher for those who have used the method before.

Note that in Natha tradition our main concern is with the inner Yoga and not the outward forms. Ours is a meditation class, not a calisthenic workout. We come together for mutual support in understanding our own minds.
Doors close at 7 PM, so come a bit early to hang out in the Artisan Cafe, grab a drink, browse artwork, and chat before we get started.

As always, bring your own cushion if you have one; if not, I usually have a few spares, or use a chair if sitting on the floor presents difficulties. Wear clothes comfortable enough to sit in for a bit.

They will be held every first Wednesday of the month at artisan cafe!

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