TIme out! Ok, time back in again by Chris Fillhart

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Chris makes art by trying not to think. Then he thinks about that when it’s done.
“What I end up making is a loose semblance of whatever happened to stumble my way. It probably won’t make sense, but that’s ok. I like that I don’t always get it. I like to engage the audience by getting them to wonder. An added bonus is hearing their explanation, because I don’t always know what it’s about either.

This is my first ever show! Thanks for stopping by! So nice of you! Anyway, because of that this show is a bit of a mix between new and old. Some old stuff that I’ve reworked. Some new stuff that I went back to my old ways make. Some stuff is just old. Some of it is brand new.

There’s no real theme. I mean, I made them all – I guess that counts. Oh, the hearts too. Those are fun. “
On the first friday of February 2/3/2017  at 7 pm, we all will be celebrating Chris’s first art show at artisan gallery! This event is completely free with free beer going until the show is over! To check out more of Chris’s work here is his instagram link https://www.instagram.com/chrisfillhart/

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