Utterances new works by by Jay Michael Del Greco

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A native of Western Pennslyvania, I have lived and worked in and around the Pittsburgh area for my whole life. I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art August of 2000. Currently I work as a software developer. I’ve been making art since childhood, but I’ve been showing since 1998, participating in 87 exhibitions. I loosely refer to my works as paintings for sake of brevity and convenience, with the knowledge that they’re too sculptural to be classified that way. More accurately I believe the term “wall sculpture” is more appropriate.

My interest in philosophy and voracious appetite for literature and music has played a considerable role in the development of my work. A vehement atheist since the age of 18, I have renounced any and all religious beliefs in favor of the human will to create as my highest moral ideal.

Artist Statement

My new series is called Utterances, because I wanted to produce a series of small, tight pieces that each succinctly evoke a unique thought or emotional state. They are all uniform 1 foot squares with strong iconic compositions.

In a broader context my work’s purpose is always to give shape to shapeless things; namely time, weight, heat, and distress. To that end, I draw inspiration from my own life, obfuscating away mundane details that would make the work too specifically about me and my frame of reference. It’s important to me that my work is accessible and able to mean whatever a viewer needs it to mean to them. With each new piece I aim to create the most beautiful thing that I can, and express myself entirely with it.

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